Human Demand offers brands a full service solution for all your mobile advertising needs. A specialized member of our Advertising Operations team will be dedicated to your account, ensuring performance from start to finish.

Trading Desks

Human Demand offers Trading Desks the opportunity to white-label our fully self-service product, setup and manage campaigns, optimize in real-time, and export well designed and branded reports that will impress clients every time.

App Developers

Human Demand offers mobile developers insights on their users to better understand their mobile habits. In addition to user insights, Human Demand offers publishers the ability to generate advertising revenue for your app, fueled by our audience insights.

Audience Data

Human Demand has developed a DMP; AppAudience data provides a complete index of the 2M mobile apps available on both Android & iOS to enrich bid request data in real-time based on brand safety, location data, demographics, and interest profiles.

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2014 Opportunity for Mobile DMPs

2014 Opportunity for Mobile DMPs

posted by Keith Petri in Data

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) provide the necessary infrastructure to append and normalize disparate datasets from varying sources, both structured and unstructured, determined from different methodologies with varying accuracy. All this to to enable a client to onboard anonymous first party data to i) further decorate it and provide insights, and ii) to make it actionable. ...

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